On the RISE: 21 Day Challenge

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How to be your best in 2018 - Led by Beth Chesterton

Are you stuck? Bored? On auto-pilot? Working hard but not really creating the life you’d imagined? 

This program is for you.

Maybe you’re doing the work you love but need an extra boost to take your already great life to the next level?

Tap into your passion and you can make it happen with ease.

Imagine spending time with a group of dynamic women to explore who you are at your best — and loving it. 

By the end of the first session, you’ll feel different. 

And you will be different. You will have more energy, passion, excitement. You’ll want more. And, you can have more. There are six powerful sessions to choose from. Come to a few. Or, come to them all. 

Diving into your gifts and talents — what you do that comes to you as naturally as breathing — is something people find positively contagious and irresistibly inspiring. 

This program, which is thousands of dollars anywhere else but at RISE, has helped some of the most successful women, entrepreneurs, and executives take their life and their work to the next level.

This will be like falling in love but this time you’re falling in love with yourself. And, when you love yourself for all of the right reasons, suddenly you’re able to imagine and create the life you’ve always wanted. 

Ideas will flow. Relationships will change. You’ll be inspired. 

And, your renewed passion will be your super power, taking you wherever you want to go. 

If you’re ready to push your limits and get started on an amazing discovery — of who you are at your best and how to make the most of it — this is the program for you. With renewed passion and energy, you will leverage your strengths for maximum success.

  1. Your Self — Fall in love with you — the good, the bad and the ugly. You’ll gain greater compassion for yourself (and others) and, ultimately, have more to give to the people around you.
  2. Your Impact — You can’t see yourself without the help of others. Experience the power of feedback and turn up the volume on what you do that’s making a positive impact.
  3. Your Happiness — Identify ways to integrate the latest research on happiness into your life and work in a way that increases your joy while you expand your impact.
  4. Your Brand — You have a unique brand. Collaborate to define your brand so that you can own it, speak it and, in the process, attract your people to you.
  5. Your Story — Explore storytelling as a power tool to help you communicate who you are at your best, how you got here and why it matters.
  6. Your Future — Set your sight on the horizon — and imagine a future you are excited about — as you plan how to leverage the best of what you have to offer.
  7. Wrap-Party — Celebrate the work you’ve done and end this challenge with the clarity and focus you only imagined could be possible. You’ve earned it.

Sessions: February 21, 23, 26, 28 and March 5, 7

Noon - 1:30

Celebration: March 8th

  • 90-minute sessions twice a week starting February 20th
  • Instructor stays after for 30 minutes for further discussion
  • Private Facebook group where you can check-in, ask questions, and celebrate successes
  • Inspirational messages to keep you motivated
  • Teammates who can be your accountability partners
  • Fun Wrap-Party to not only celebrate your success and growth, but also the International Day of the Woman on March 8th

*Only a few spots left. Be sure to schedule a call to learn more before they fill up!

21 Day Challenge Investment:

RISE Members: $250
Non-Members: $290
Bring 5 friends (at full-price) and you go for free!