The business of women succeeding is our business

RISE Collaborative Workspace is a curated community of ambitious women and a beautiful, inspiring workspace that will keep you motivated and productive.

RISE is where you can thrive professionally with like-minded women encouraging your career growth and making connections to support your success. It’s a place to focus on your business, host meetings, and get it all done.

Who is RISE Collaborative for?

  • Established businesswomen craving quality connections + a sense of community  
  • Small business owners who need a professional setting to meet with clients
  • Freelancers wanting an inspiring, flexible place to work + collaborate 
  • Sales professionals who need a centrally located, sophisticated setting to take phone calls or work between meetings
  • Companies seeking engagement + development opportunities for employees

RISE Collaborative Workspace provides women with a dynamic, supportive community and professional venue to conduct business, hold meetings, or rent permanent office space.