STL On the RISE: 21-Day Challenge

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How to be your best in 2019 - Led by Beth Chesterton.

This could be the solution to your burn-out. 

"It rocked my world."

The reviews of the 21-Day-Challenge are amazing! We’re humbled by the outstanding feedback and thrilled to continue offering this fantastic program to you.

Prior to the program, participants reported feeling stuck... on auto-pilot... working harder than ever but burning on fumes. They were looking for something more... more excitement... more passion... more joy.

They got what they came for... and more

“Amazing outcomes!”

“I can now see myself in an exceptional new light through the other highly established women.”

“...the nudge or knock on my door to live more joyfully, authentically.”

Maybe you’re doing the work you love but need an extra boost to take your already great life to the next level?

Tap into your passion and you can make it happen with ease.

Imagine spending time with a group of dynamic women exploring who you are at your best — and loving it. 

By the end of the first session, you’ll feel different. 

Just 21 days can create immense growth and reignite your confidence. Join the braintrust of dynamic women who are ready to broaden their impact. Learn to mine your hidden treasure trove of assets and use them for career and life gold. You will discover and refine:

  1. Your Self + Your Happiness — Fall in love with you — so that you can expand your impact — and experience greater joy in the process.

  2. Your Impact + Your Story — Experience the power of feedback and its unique ability to help you see yourself fully. Then, turn up the volume on what you do that makes a positive impact. Experience your story as a series of successes and triumphs.

  3. Your Brand + Your Signature Presence — Collaborate to define your unique brand. Own it, speak it and, in the process, attract your people to you.

  4. Your Heroic Journey + Your Future — Find your calling, set your sights on the horizon, and imagine a heroic future — as you leverage the best of what you have to offer.

More feedback from 21-Day Challenge Participants:

“I feel even more possibilities are in front of me…”

“The most impactful part of the challenge was looking into the future and identifying — clearly — not just where I want to be but who I want to be and I liked not doing that alone.”

“Beth Chesterton! You really seem to WANT to bring out the best in everyone.”

If you’re ready to push your limits and get started on an amazing discovery — of who you are at your best and how to make the most of it — this is the program for you. With renewed passion and energy, you will leverage your strengths for maximum success.

This program helped some of the most successful women, entrepreneurs, and executives take their life and their work to the next level.

Have to miss a session? You can make it up during future challenges. You will also be invited to 21-Day Challenge community events.