A Look Inside the Gig Economy

This month at RISE we’ve had our sights set on understanding the Gig Economy. All our programming has focused on giving members a better look into this ever-growing business trend. We really appreciate the expertise shared by our members in each of our sessions, and the ability to have in-depth conversations about important topics like this. This month we’re recommending Sarah Kessler’s “Gigged: The End of the Job and the Future of Work” for an even deeper look into the Gig Economy.

Kessler sites that “one in three American workers is now a freelancer,” which drastically changes the way our work lives function. Through her book, Kessler gives us all an inside look into the Gig Economy with personal accounts from people she’s met across the country. Not only do you get to see nuanced and personal impacts of the Gig Economy on real people’s lives, but Kessler also provides a critical analysis of what this changing economy means for the future of jobs in America.

The book jacket leaves us with provocative questions to consider in reading Kessler’s account:

“What does the future of work look like? Will the millennial generation do as well as their parents? How can we all find meaningful, well-paid work?”

Check out the book HERE. We’d love to hear your biggest takeaways and what conversations you can have with your network about the Gig Economy.