How do you define your company culture?

I’m sure we can all attest how important workplace culture is. How you feel about the environment you work in has a drastic effect on your job happiness, which directly impacts your overall wellbeing. There are many great ways to work on cultivating a positive, healthy company culture. And the first step in doing so is to identify where that culture is starting out.

The Harvard Business Review provides a full package all about “The Culture Factor” in business. This guide is packed with important research and strategies for determining current workplace culture and shaping it in more productive ways. We’re loving one of the assessments HBR provides in this guide. No matter what role you have in your job, it’s always possible to examine the company culture and find places for growth.

Check out “What’s Your Organization's Cultural Profile?” to see where your company falls in its culture. This is an illustrative first step in making your workplace an even better site to be! HBR describes the two-part assessment:

“The first part provides a simplified exploration of which two cultural styles your organization leans toward (out of eight total) and what this means. Ask a colleague to complete the survey as well, and then talk about your answers to delve deeper.

The second part can help you take stock of how prominent a role culture plays in your organization, and lets you compare your answers to those from other HBR readers. It also asks a series of demographic questions to help us learn more about how culture operates within organizations.”

We hope this assessment and guide are as helpful for your organization as they have been for ours!