“There are people here from all walks of life, doing really innovative work in a variety of fields”

There’s much to learn from RISE Member Lindsay Scholz, one of the most polished, tenacious entrepreneurs around. Have a quick scroll through her website and you’ll find gleaming photography, an elegant roundup of the integrated social media strategy, email marketing and brand design she crafts for clients, invaluable advice for other entrepreneurs on her blog, and much more.

As luck would have it, she also recently posted a brand-new blog detailing lessons learned from 2019 and changes she plans to make to her business in the coming year, which falls perfectly in line with our theme for this month, “Vow to Wow: New Year, New You.” RISE is full of bold, successful women just like Lindsay, who inspires us with her journey to her purposeful sweet spot. Thankfully, we had a chance to sit down with Lindsay and pick her brain about all things entrepreneurship, tips for starting a business, and the mentality that kept her going in the beginning (that, and a thorough pros and cons list).

“The majority of women who are members at RISE are established business owners, particularly the ones who have offices here,” she says. “I look to them as in-house mentors. If you have a question, you have an expert 10 feet away. Plus there are people here from all walks of life, doing really innovative work in a variety of fields: finance, film, health and wellness, and so much more.”

Originally from Georgia, Lindsay graduated with a degree in journalism from Georgia College and State University in 2013. She then wound her way through a string of salaried jobs doing PR, design, and social media for companies in Atlanta and Denver. She and her husband eventually landed in St. Louis, where she worked at Caleres doing social media for  

Famous Footwear. Through it all, she maintained a consistent side hustle doing her own client work and absorbed the many lessons which came through corporate jobs, all of which gave her the confidence to go out on her own.

“I just kept thinking if the business didn’t work and the worst thing I had to do was go back to a corporate job, that’s not a bad deal at all,” she says. “I’ve also found so many people along the way who have been willing to help me get my business off the ground, whether it was through referring me to other clients, meeting for coffee to give me some tips, and much more. Which has been so great, because I’m the worst at asking for help.” We can relate!

Within the first two weeks of working at RISE, Lindsay had already met with like-minded business owners and began collaborating on a few different projects. “Getting out of the house was also huge for me. As much as I love working from home, it can be very isolating. When you get up from your desk at five o’clock and you’re like, ‘I’ve only talked to my dogs today,’ it can wear on you,” she says, laughing.  

While Lindsay does have an enviable home-office, you’ll find her at RISE most Fridays plugging away on her laptop, answering client emails, analyzing social media reports, and catching up with other women. “The number one benefit that attracted me to RISE is that it’s [a] co-working space geared towards women. Which is actually really rare,” she says. “I’ve tried out some other co-working spaces that were very male-dominated, and it was just harder to find common ground. When I came here to visit, RISE founder and CEO Stacy Taubman gave me a tour, and I had a really strong feeling within that I’d found my place.”

Are you looking for the kind of supportive space that Lindsay found at RISE? Interested in setting some new goals for your personal and professional growth this year? Sign up for a tour HERE to connect with us in St. Louis or Denver. We’d love to see you connected in our community!