Benefits of the Gig Economy: Feeling “that my whole person is represented”

Maurya Cockrell works full time at Centene Corporation and, as her side hustle, she founded YKNOT Consulting, LLC in 2015 to provide career management and diversity programming through a millennial lens. Maurya first learned about the effects of generational issues while pursuing her Master’s in HR from Webster University and since then, it has been her passion to address them. In deciding to pursue YKNOT Consulting in addition to full-time work, Maurya says the decision came down to what makes her feel the most whole. Over the course of her career, she has come to realize that it’s ok for your 9 to 5 job to not give you every single thing you want in your work. We’re complex people, and it might be too much to assume that one position can fulfill everything we want. And that’s where the Gig Economy comes in.

With the rise of gig work and side hustles, more and more people are able to find balance and fulfillment through having multiple jobs. For Maurya, she loves having one full-time consistent job with Centene Corporation and still working on YKNOT in her after-hours work. She thinks it’s vitally important to respect all kinds of gig work. Whether you’re following her path of happily working two positions, you’re using your full-time work to fuel that passion project until it’s your only gig, or you’re working multiple side hustles in place of anything full-time. Whatever makes you feel balanced is where Maurya recommends you land.

When asked what she thinks the future of gig work might look like, Maurya reflected that she thinks flexibility is key. Companies will need to continue shifting their practices to keep up with changing demands in the economy. More and more companies are using coworking spaces as offices (we sure don’t mind this trend!) or offering other flexible arrangements like half-days if employees want to volunteer their time elsewhere. The unique needs of each employee are being increasingly recognized, which matches nicely with Maurya’s idea of us all finding a personal balance in our work options.

The Gig Economy presents an important place for employees to get their needs met. Besides setting your own hours and having flexibility in your work, entering the Gig Economy can also give you the unique ability to work in multiple fields at once. You no longer have to set your sights on a singular career: you really can move between the multiple things that make you feel whole. Maurya thinks the Gig Economy can even function as an extension of self-care. Having control over your work can bring a certain peace of mind, and when you frame it as an opportunity for balance it can feel even more fulfilling. In previous generations, employees and employers seemed fiercely dedicated to each other. And while that isn’t as much the case for younger generations, that shift doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It just means we’re all able to grow and flex a little together. To find that balance.

What does that balance look like for you? We’d love to help you navigate the ins-and-outs of this changing economy and help you find the set-up that makes you feel like a whole person, too. Sign up for a tour HERE to connect with us in St. Louis or Denver.