“People are so tired of not connecting”

Alex Caspero is passionate about food. As a Registered Dietician, owner of Delish Knowledge, and co-founder of Plant-Based Juniors, she has to be! Alex specializes in plant-based diets, weight management, and sports nutrition, as well as working as work as a Nutrition Communications consultant, freelance writer, speaker, and spokesperson. With Plant-Based Juniors, Alex and her co-founder focus on plant-based prenatal and pediatric nutrition.

She now has nearly 40k Instagram followers, but it wasn’t easy getting there. It’s no secret that the food-world is a crowded market, so to be successful, it was important for Alex to differentiate her brands from the thousands of others out there. Trying to compete with the likes of Martha Stewart who portrays a picture of perfection on the plate and at home just wasn’t her. So Alex defined her brands by embracing the things that were the most authentic to her: making easy and delicious meals that are healthy, too, in the midst of a busy, hectic lifestyle!

As a result, many of Alex’s posts and photos show “behind the curtain.” Instead of selling herself as an expert who is there to teach, Alex showcases how she struggles with health and nutrition, just like anyone else. “[People] expect perfect photos of my kid, it’s fun to show me crying and hiding and talking about today [being] a hard day.” Giving people the grace to be imperfect is one of the things Alex hopes to promote.

Alex is a perfect (pun intended!) representation of imperfection in brand management. In the early days of her company. Alex “thought that curated perfection was much more appealing,” whereas now she sees her Instagram selfies succeeding more than professional photographs. “People are so tired of not connecting,” she says.

Another way Alex engages with her audience and strengthens her brands is through events and collaborations. Through these marketing methods, she’s able to reinforce her brands’ core strengths of healthy eating and authenticity.

Alex never wants her marketing efforts to look like they were thought of in a strategy meeting. Not everything she does will land with every person, and she’s ok with that. Her “brand” is about sharing pieces of her life and letting her audience into her world. We’re so impressed with Alex finding her way into what works for her, and truly connecting with her audience authentically.

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