Spotted at RISE St. Louis


Heather Milo, Kristi Gallup, Shannon Moenkhaus, Rachel Andreasson, and Kate Wiegmann catching up over coffee in the RISE kitchen.


Denise Purdy leading members in this month’s Food for Thought, with a lunch sponsorship from Seedz Cafe!


Kim Baker, Leslie Johnson, Alex Caspero, Jenni O’Toole, Kim Lozano, Cindy Breth, and Angie Schlater hard at work on a cold Monday morning in St. Louis!


Stacey Harbour, Brooke Wheeler, Andrea Vince, Kristi Gallup, Shannon Moenkhaus, Katie Kearins, and Rebecca Fritsch engaging with Rachel Andreasson for Eat, Learn, Grow all about “Reflections & Valuable Leadership Lessons.”


We love seeing members connecting! Leslie Johnson, Kristi Gallup, Heather Milo, Phillip Johnson, and Alex Caspero.