Spotted at RISE St. Louis


We had such a full house on our first open day in the New Year! Jane Farmer, Kelly Wiethuchter, Stacey Harbour, Rachel Hinson, Katie Ames, Amy Tran, Michell Stockmann, Stephanie Abbajay, and Colleen Hennekes pictured!


We love that laughter! Check out Lisa Picker, Martha Freeman, and Donna Erbs. On the right, Julie Jones with guests Susannah Lurie and Alexis Eisaman.

Martha Freeman’s presentation at January’s Food for Thought was a huge success! Accompanied by a delicious lunch sponsorship from Yellowbelly.


The full Envision Lighting Design team is all here! Liz Arras, Dominick Ehling, and Lisa Reed enjoying natural light - almost as great as the lighting Lisa designed for RISE 😉


With over 100 RSVP’s and a packed house of super impressive, supportive women, our last event of January took us out with a bang! The “Leading and Working with a Multigenerational Workforce” panel was sponsored by Anders CPA + Advisors.