#WCW #RISEMemberSpotlight: Jeri Schultz

Jeri Schultz: President and Owner at Jeri Schultz & Associates, LLC Jeri Schultz serves as a teacher, mentor and connector. Jeri is best known for her ability to drive results and motivating teams and individuals to go beyond expectations. “My network is wide and my desire to connect women is continuously growing. I’m passionate about all of us delivering on our talents through the help of others.” Jeri’s said her special nickname given to her is, "The Connector.” She is called this because she likes to connect women to other leaders. “There are so many organizations where they can join, participate and give of their time, talents, energy and bring others along with them.” “What inspires me? When good things happen to others, when I see that I have done something to move a person forward, when I help a friend find a job, when others return the gift of my friendship by staying in touch. Dynamic and Hardworking people inspire me!”