“We’ve got the goods, now we need to get in the game”

Sitting in the RISE conference room, St. Louis member Jessica Rask literally let out a gasp, exclaiming, “That book changed my life!” The table erupted into excited conversation about the impactful lessons each woman had learned or heard about from Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach.

This October, our St. Louis members are sharing all their tips, tricks, and testimonials for maximizing financial knowledge and finding space to grow. To kick things off, Certified Financial Planner Vicky Vogel-Iturri hosted an inspiring talk on the financial wealth gap between men and women.

During her talk, Vicky brought up David Bach’s wildly successful book. Hearing the powerful endorsements in the room, the team at RISE decided to check out the book for ourselves and pass on the recommendation to you!

Bach’s book has sold over a million copies, and was recently re-published with updated content for 2018. The book is incredibly accessible, even if the thought of financial planning seems overwhelming. Bach points out that 80% of men die married, while 80% of women die widowed. That means when men don’t have financial plans in place, more often than not they won’t feel the cost of that deficit because they won’t be around. So for women, it is crucial that we maximize our control over our finances and start saving smartly.

Vicky also discussed that many women are already in control of their finances...but there’s still more to do. She reflected, “We’ve got the goods, now we need to get in the game.” And Bach’s book leaves us with the same message. There are ways to address the financial wealth gap and prepare women for long, fulfilled, and financially successful lives. Bach sets up an easy-to-follow program for investing and saving smartly.

The RISE Team has loved checking out the newly re-published and updated Smart Women Finish Rich, and we think it’s a great place to start for furthering your own financial wellness this month!