What's Happening at RISE in February?

Everyone has a different personality type and style. From coworkers to clients to management, there are a range of personalities swirling around in our worlds. Working with a diverse range of people naturally brings up difficult-to-navigate situations. At RISE, we are all about finding the best ways to approach tough situations and find best practices for collaboration. It’s in our name, after all!

If you watched the video in our Monthly Newsletter, you know that Founder/CEO Stacy Taubman loves personality tests as a way to understand working with people. For Stacy, knowing that she is Myers-Briggs INTP and an Enneagram Type 2 helps her understand herself better and communicate with others more effectively. When we understand our own communication styles - and our strengths and weaknesses within that style - we can begin connecting with others in better ways. With the growing team at RISE, we are constantly finding the best ways to communicate...with the added challenge of doing so across states! It’s important for us to understand each other’s personalities, strengths, and weaknesses in order to function at our best.

But getting there as a team is difficult. It can be challenging to find what works best for the variety of personalities on one team or at one company. We’re lucky that our Members at RISE are focused on fostering healthy workplace cultures and helping each other navigate interpersonal workplace dynamics. This February we’re focusing all our programming on best practices for “The People Side of Business.” We have programming in both St. Louis and Denver this month - we’re so excited for our Founding Denver Members to get a taste of what monthly programming will look like once we open our doors!

Join us on February 7th, 13th, and 19th in St. Louis for our weekly programming all about “The People Side of Business.” On February 26th in St. Louis we’ll be hosting the first ever Women of Influence Awards to celebrate five amazing women and their successes in our community. In Denver, we’re looking forward to hosting a Founding Member & Friends event on February 19th so Members can start getting to know each other and building relationships. Click HERE for more information and to RSVP. If you’re a St. Louis Member, head over to the Member Portal to RSVP for any of these monthly programming events.

Not a member but interested in navigating this side of business with us? Connect with us HERE to learn more about RISE St. Louis or RISE Denver. If you’ll be in St. Louis on February 26th be sure to get your ticket to the Women of Influence Awards HERE!