What's Happening at RISE in June?

RISE Members are so impressive and are often on the cutting edge of new trends in their fields. And being in the RISE community allows us all to stay up-to-date on emerging topics like the Gig Economy, which we’ve been hearing so much about over the last few years. We’re so glad to be in a coworking space where we get direct insight into all the newest directions in business and employment. The Gig Economy is on the rise, and it doesn’t look like it’ll slow down any time soon.

While your first thought is probably something like Uber or DoorDash, the Gig Economy is actually more expansive. Really any job that is contract-based is considered a “gig.” The Gig Economy also includes jobs without traditional employer-employee full-time relationships. And some define a “gig” just by the specific characteristics typical of contract work: independence, flexibility in hours, and less direct oversight from a traditional boss.

These characteristics that define gig work can be seen as benefits or drawbacks depending on your personality and work style. And that’s what makes the Gig Economy so unique: it’s set up to be what’s best for you. Some of us hold multiple part-time jobs in place of one full-time job. Others have a specific side hustle or passion project that they work on in addition to traditional employment. More still might pick up a gig here or there to supplement income. The range of options for engaging in this work is huge. And most gig workers report high satisfaction in their work! But there are also important considerations to be made related to instability: a lack of benefits, inconsistent income, or the paralyzing effect that too much flexibility can sometimes have.

It can be difficult to untangle all of these options alone. And these are just a brief look into the many considerations wrapped up in gig work! That’s why all our programming this month is focused on Navigating the Gig Economy. With new trends in business appearing rapidly, we always want our members to have the best information possible as they navigate their own professional lives. We have sessions in St. Louis on June 6th, 12th, and 18th and in Denver on June 6th, 12th, 18th, and 26th to help with just that. Members can RSVP on the St. Louis Member Portal or the Denver Member Portal.

If this is all new to you, we hope this small window helps you think through the pros and cons of working in the Gig Economy, however that looks for you. We’d love to help you navigate this all in more depth! Sign up for a tour HERE so we can all start working together.