What's Happening at RISE in March?

Sara Butler , Partner/General Manager at RISE Denver

Sara Butler, Partner/General Manager at RISE Denver

When you think of someone who is confident, who comes to mind? Is it Tony Robbins up on stage inspiring a packed audience? Or maybe someone hosting a Facebook Live video on camera, gracefully navigating a networking event, or an expert in their field? That’s who I think of and I’ve lately been envying that confidence. Luckily, all of RISE’s programming in March will be dedicated to empowerment and confidence, and learning tools to combat what gets in the way.

I recently made a big career transition and have found myself reflecting on the topic of confidence a lot lately. For my entire career, I worked in public education and knew it inside and out: I knew the language, the players, the policies, and the environment. I had worked my way up from a classroom teacher to the chief of staff for the assistant superintendent, cut my teeth, and was successful. But I was comfortable (maybe too comfortable) and ready for a new challenge. So two months ago, I made a huge leap into the startup world, taking on the role of General Manager of RISE Denver!

I was ready for the challenge, but I didn’t expect what it would do to my confidence. I changed my career and overnight felt like I didn’t recognize myself anymore. I was back at square one and felt so unsure. I sometimes questioned myself on the smallest of tasks like how to write an email, or converse with someone new at a networking event. In my old career, I could do these things with my eyes closed! But in this new role, my confidence balloon had popped.

And yet just as easily as my confidence has waned, it has also soared! I never would have felt comfortable talking about finding investors, entrepreneurship, and building out a workspace when I worked in education. Each day, week, and month is a roller coaster ride. Some days I feel like I could take on the world, and other times I still feel unsure. But what has helped the most is reminding myself that while embarking on something new has caused my confidence level to ebb and flow, it’s more important to me that I’m trying. You never know - I might be up on a stage talking to a full house about the startup world soon!

March is a special month for us at RISE (because International Women’s Day is on March 8), and our member-led weekly programming is going to tackle empowerment and confidence from many angles. Our weekly events in St. Louis this month are on March 7th, 14th, and 19th. We also hope you join us at the end of the month for our evening St. Louis event on Bridging the Confidence Gap Between Women and Wealth.

If you’re a member, head over to the Member Portal for more information and to RSVP for these events. Not a member but interested in joining us at our programming and events? Connect with us HERE to learn more about RISE St. Louis or RISE Denver.