What's Happening at RISE in May?

May marks an exciting month for all of us at RISE. This is the first full month that both RISE locations are officially open! We had an incredible time at our Grand Opening in Denver last month, and are grateful for the 400+ people who celebrated with us and the support from both communities!

Now that the Grand Opening excitement has died down, it’s time for us all to focus our full attention on operating and flourishing with two full locations. This is certainly exciting, but to be honest, it’s also scary and uncharted territory for us at RISE! Luckily, we know embarking on this journey is the good kind of fear. The kind that tells us we’re doing the right thing and that we should keep going.

So what’s the impact of having two open locations? It creates new and dynamic opportunities for our members to connect across states and to be part of an even larger community of supportive women. And it creates new and important challenges as we grow our internal team. We know that good leaders and managers need to be strong communicators, delegators, and motivators. Being a successful leader doesn’t happen without effort. So what’s the best way for us all to grow those skills?

We are excited that May is focused on Leadership + Management to help all our members develop these critical skills. This is such a valuable topic no matter where we all are in our businesses! Experts at RISE are set to share their best practices and valuable tips with our community.

In St. Louis we have Leadership + Management programming on May 2nd, 8th, and 14th and in Denver on May 2nd, 8th, 14th, and 22nd. Members can RSVP on the St. Louis Member Portal or Denver Member Portal. Not a member but interested in developing your own leadership and management skills? Sign up for a tour HERE.