What's Happening at RISE in November?

Photo by Heidi Drexler    Abby Mros , Communications & Programming at RISE St. Louis

Photo by Heidi Drexler

Abby Mros, Communications & Programming at RISE St. Louis

Like most of us, I wear many hats. I work part-time at RISE, I am a social worker, and I try to have that thing called a social life.. I typically work 12 or more hours each day and sometimes I wonder how I manage to sustain two wildly different jobs with three different job titles. Then I remember what I love about a busy schedule and what I love about the work I do. But loving your job(s) doesn’t always translate into a positive mindset.

In August I had one part-time job and was looking for a second. Serendipitously, my friend texted me that she knew someone who was hiring at this place called RISE Collaborative. She was talking about Rian Edwards, the RISE St. Louis Community Manager. Rian met my friend through another woman who attended an event at RISE this year.

There are over 260 members at RISE St. Louis and a community of founding members at RISE Denver growing more and more every day. And in August, the RISE Staff was growing too. It was a perfect connection when I heard about RISE - the team was expanding and I was ready to join. I came on for Communications & Programming, and I could not be happier to be on the St. Louis team!

I have my Master’s in Social Work from WashU and am a Sexual Assault (job title 1) and Youth Therapist (job title 2) with the Sexual Assault Center (SAC) at Bridgeway Behavioral Health. And I spend 25 hours a week at RISE (there’s job title 3!). My days are long.

I constantly move the 20 miles between St. Louis and St. Charles for my work. I love the ability to use my social work skill set (and license!) with the SAC and my analytical and organized side with RISE. But it can be exhausting.

It’s also a new experience for me not to be in school. I’ve been a student my entire life, going straight from undergrad at WashU to the graduate program. With all these big transitions, I’ve reflected a lot on what mindset and attitude I bring into my work and my life. It would be really easy to be negative about my busy schedule or the constant changes or the fast pace - but in reflecting on those, that is actually what I love. I love having a full calendar and getting to constantly stretch my mind and to work on multiple, diverse projects.

But recognizing what I love about my professional life doesn’t automatically adjust my mindset. I have to be intentional every day about making sure I don’t burn out. I do this through a lot of self-care, connection, and reflection. I’ve found the things that bring me life, and I make sure that those are still built into my schedule.

This process of reflection is always ongoing, so I’m really excited that the November theme at RISE is Mindset + Attitude. It is so important to stop and reflect on our lives and our choices, and to be vulnerable with ourselves and our loved ones. As a social worker, a therapist, and a member of the RISE Team, I think a lot about mindset and attitude, and what these mean specifically for women.

We have some incredible events lined up this month for members to talk about just this. Workshops are November 1st, 7th, 13th, and 28th and are all led by RISE Members, for RISE Members. If you’re a member, head over to the Member Portal for more info and to RSVP.

If you’re checking out RISE for the first time, I hope this helps you think through your own mindset and attitude and how you might be intentional with your reflection and vulnerability. If you want to learn more about RISE in St. Louis or Denver, connect with us HERE! We can’t wait to get to know you.

- Abby Mros