Full-time position


The Community Manager is the heartbeat of the RISE Collaborative community. She or he is the face of the company from the moment members and guests walk through the door and takes pride in the workspace feeling, looking, and operating its best at all times. Most importantly, the Community Manager works to ensure that all members and guests have an exceptional experience at RISE Collaborative.

This person is admittedly Type A. She or he likes things to be tidy, organized, and run like a well-oiled machine. The Community Manager is a creative self-starter who doesn’t think twice about taking initiative, making recommendations, and making good decisions (or if it doesn’t turn out to be a good decision, will remedy and then learn from the experience).

She or he is a strong communicator, digitally savvy, and adept at customer service. The Community Manager genuinely likes people and gets to know members’ names, businesses, and what’s going on in their world not because they have to, but because they want to and care about them. They are like the host of the party and the representative of the community both to members and the public. The Community Manager wants to see RISE Collaborative grow, serve members of its community, and be an integral part of its success.


  • Illustrate RISE Collaborative’s core values and strive to achieve our mission

  • Foster a collaborative community environment among our members through events and building relationships between members

  • Grow membership sales, support member retention, and work to achieve membership sales goals

  • Ensure the workspace is fully operational and processes are running smoothly

  • Drive promotion and community relations of RISE Collaborative


Workspace Management

  • Manage support staff to ensure consistent coverage of front desk presence and oversee staff performance

  • Manage workspace supply needs including refreshments and office supplies

  • Conduct quality-control walkthroughs of the workspace to note immediate issues, pre-empt potential future issues, and identify areas for improvement

  • Manage outside vendors and serve as primary point of contact

  • Report building operations issues to landlords and serve as primary point of contact during repairs

  • Work on community initiatives designed to develop connections between members, including member introductions, curating events, and event follow-ups

  • Oversee office member departures and oversee restoration of offices to original condition

  • Prepare daily, weekly and monthly progress reports on the community and identify areas for improvement

  • Eventual management of member billing and workspace spending. Until full transition occurs, Community Manager will support COO with aspects of billing processes including monthly printing/copying fees, meeting room and event rentals, workspace supplies, etc.


  • Develop and maintain all internal and external communication (i.e. newsletter, member digest, and ad hoc member emails)

  • Compose weekly blog posts

  • Draft website copy

  • Other writing needs as needed

Business Development

  • Develop and implement strategies for reaching out to local organizations and attending networking events to promote the RISE Collaborative community, and identify and recruit potential members

  • Develop and implement strategies for identifying businesses that could potentially benefit from RISE Collaborative Workspace’s services

  • Develop relationships with current and former members to reduce churn and explore members’ business networks for new members

Community Management, Engagement + Events

  • Oversee new member sales process

  • Manage internal programming and community groups

  • Proactively gather data on members’ business objectives and identify both RISE Collaborative and member services or connections that could help members achieve their objectives

  • Identify opportunities and act on them to connect members

  • Plan and supervise educational, professional and personal development events to support the engagement and well being of the community

  • Supervise members’ meetings and events for compliance with house rules and intercede or escalate issues as they arise

  • Help enforce and design new rules, guidelines and best practices for the community with goal of optimizing member experience and business objectives

  • Resolve member complaints and policy violations through neutral fact investigation and prepare recommendation for termination of membership when warranted

  • Make recommendations regarding best practices, including but not limited to: community management, sales, events, training, and member experience to CEO/COO


Key Skills

  • Exceptional Customer Service skills, including the ability to remain flexible and calm in high pressure or continually changing situations

  • Effective and professional communication skills (written and oral)

  • Solid organizational skills, including the ability to prioritize and multi-task in a demanding environment

  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, and the ability to understand other programs to assist in the day to day workspace operations

  • Demonstrate integrity, dependability, responsibility, accountability, self-awareness, work ethic, and empathy


  • Self-starter

  • Ability to build and maintain strong working relationships

  • Embraces change and feedback

  • Takes ownership and uses initiative

  • Great communicator

  • Tech savvy and able to troubleshoot basic IT issues

  • Team player

  • Resilient

$35K - $40K plus quarterly bonuses

Send resume and cover letter to info@riseworkspace.com