Three-hour Room Rental

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Three-hour Room Rental

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Meeting + Event Policies

RISE Collaborative’s meeting and event policies are designed to help all members and guests comfortably and productively use the space together. RISE Collaborative is a workspace first and event space second. While we work to cater to meeting and event hosts’ needs, we recognize our workspace norms and capabilities may not make our space optimal for some groups. Please ask questions.

RISE Members hosting guests at RISE Collaborative Workspace are responsible for their guests’ actions while they are onsite.

Non-members hosting events at RISE Collaborative Workspace must designate an event lead who is responsible for all event attendees while they are onsite.

Meeting Room Usage

  • Users must reserve meeting space every time they use meeting rooms via the RISE Collaborative Workspace membership software and the time will be deducted from the member’s monthly allowance or an hourly rate will be charged toward their account. Even if a room appears to be open, members must log into the membership software to check availability and reserve meeting time.

  • Room reservations give you access to the room you have reserved – not the full collaborative space and other meeting rooms.

  • Even if other meeting rooms are not in use, meeting rooms may not be used without reservation for phone calls, breakouts, or meetings.

  • Use of other meeting rooms will be added onto the member’s account if used by any member of your party.

  • The open collaborative space is a productive workspace for the vast majority of RISE members. It is not designed for unlimited use by meeting attendees for breakout sessions, small group gatherings, etc.

  • We ask that breaks during long meetings be limited and that attendees be advised to return to the meeting room promptly and to be mindful of their noise level.

  • If guests need to take calls, phone rooms are available at no cost.

  • If full access to the open workspace and meeting rooms is desired, we do offer full space reservations for $250/hr. for members; $550/hr. for nonmembers.

  • Be sure you reserve enough time including setup and cleanup, in addition to your actual event.

  • If there are no meetings booked immediately after yours, you may take up to 20 minutes to exit the meeting room. After 20 minutes, your time will be extended on your behalf and charged toward your account.

  • If there is a meeting booked after yours, you must exit the meeting room on time.


  • RISE Collaborative’s refreshment and snack program is optimized for individual and small group consumption.

  • Groups larger than five (5) who wish to have on demand refreshments and snacks for attendees should plan to bring their own or make advance arrangements with RISE Collaborative staff to provide private refreshment service for a convenience fee.

  • RISE does not have a commercial ice machine. Groups meeting for more than four hours should consider bringing in ice or make advance arrangements with staff to provide for a convenience fee.

In-Room Technology

  • RISE Collaborative provides flat screen TVs with screen mirroring If you plan to use in-room technology, connect with RISE staff in advance for training and testing.

Printing During Meetings

  • During meetings, if you have RISE front desk staff make printouts or copies on your behalf or for your guests, a $0.10 per page convenience fee will be added to your account.