Denver Drop-in Membership Levels

RISE Denver is our second location and we opened April 17, 2019. In St. Louis, we opened in February 2017 and have over 250 members from 20 different industries ranging in age from 24 - 78 and from start-up entrepreneur to CEO of a $500 million company. We pride ourselves on a diverse community made up of small business owners, corporate, nonprofit executives, remote workforce, and entrepreneurs.

Women join RISE for a variety of reasons (many have no need for a workspace), but the common thread is they want to be around impressive, dynamic women who are focused on growing personally and professionally.


*To build a strong community our drop-in memberships are all a 6 month commitment

There is a one-time registration fee of $40 dollars for Social and Part-time and $60 for Full-time and Dedicated Desk.

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