Frequently Asked Questions

What is RISE Collaborative?

  • RISE Collaborative Workspace is a dynamic and carefully curated community of women who want to see each other succeed.
  • It’s a state-of-the-art, light-filled, flexible workspace where women can be productive and professional in whatever they’re pursuing.
  • RISE Collaborative is a resource for events and programs where members learn and grow.

Where is RISE Collaborative?

  • RISE Collaborative is located at Hwy 170 and Ladue Road in the Clayton/Ladue business district.
  • Our 6,000 sq. ft. space is on the second floor of 8820 Ladue Road, the brown brick US Bank building on the south side of Ladue Road.

Who would benefit from RISE Collaborative?

  • Professional women of all backgrounds and disciplines can benefit from the amenities, programming, and workspace available at RISE Collaborative.
  • Professionals from any industry or setting who want to:
    1. Expand their network
    2. Grow their business
    3. Meet a dynamic group of people with a shared spirit of supporting and encouraging others
    4. Learn and grow personally and professionally
    5. Give back to the next generation of female leaders
    6. And...who could benefit from the use of a chic and professional space to work, hold events, or take meetings.
  • Small business owners who need a professional setting to meet with clients, make presentations, network, and build their business.
  • Freelancers wanting an inspiring, flexible place to work and collaborate with others with all of the amenities of a traditional work setting.
  • Professionals in sales industries who desire a centrally located professional setting to take phone calls or work between meetings with high-speed wifi, unlimited printing, and refreshments.

How much does a membership at RISE Collaborative cost?

  • There are three levels of Drop-In memberships to fit your needs starting at $40 per month.
  • RISE Collaborative features 11 private offices, which start at $600 per month.

I already have an office. Why would I become a member of RISE Collaborative?

  • RISE Collaborative is so much more than a place to work!
  • A membership at RISE Collaborative is like going to a party where everyone you meet is more interesting and inspiring than the last. Connections made within RISE Collaborative expand members’ networks, lead to new business opportunities, and foster new friendships.
  • If you ever find yourself popping into a coffee shop to get work done between meetings, or if you’re a member of a group that needs a centrally located, professional venue to meet, a Drop-In membership at RISE Collaborative gives you access to the coworking space.
  • The events and programs put on by RISE Collaborative help keep members ahead of the curve in business, as well as connected with themselves so they can grow personally and professionally.
  • Professionals looking to foster the next generation of female leaders in a convenient setting can engage in our teen mentorship or internship programs, where we match teen RISE Collaborative members with adult members.

I’ve heard of other coworking spaces in St. Louis. What makes RISE Collaborative unique?

  • St. Louis’ coworking community is thriving and we’re all very supportive of one another.
  • Each coworking space brings something unique to the table, so members want to find the community that best fits their personality and business needs.
  • RISE Collaborative is centrally located in the thriving business corridor of Clayton/Ladue.
  • RISE Collaborative is female-focused, providing services and amenities females want and need to succeed.

What does “female-focused” mean?

  • There are more than 50,000 women-owned businesses in St. Louis with just one employee: themselves. Focus groups with these women show they are seeking:
    1. A flexible space and community that’s evolving the way St. Louis women work with convenient, free, and well-lit parking
    2. A central location with easy access to Lambert St. Louis International Airport, downtown, Clayton, and residential areas alike
    3. A sleek, flexible collaborative space to make meaningful connections with other female professionals
    4. The opportunity to give back to the next generation of female leaders within the walls of RISE Collaborative through our teen mentorship and internship program and robust educational, networking, and business development events.

Why do you require a six-month commitment for Drop-in Plus and Platinum memberships?

  • We are building a strong community at RISE Collaborative and that takes time
  • The Founding Members of RISE Collaborative will help shape the personality, membership, and quality of the community, so we need those members to be committed to fostering and investing in RISE.

Can I bring my children or pets to RISE Collaborative?

  • We adore children and our furry friends, but in the interest of maintaining a professional environment for all members and guests, we cannot allow children under the age of 14 or pets.
  • Those 14 and older would need a teen membership to RISE Collaborative to access the space.

How do the high school memberships work?

  • RISE Collaborative offers memberships for high school students to use the open collaborative space as an academic workspace.
  • We believe you can’t be what you can’t see.
  • By creating a setting for teen girls to work alongside and build relationships with successful females from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, we will change the lives of the next generation of female leaders.
  • Teen members can participate in a mentorship and internship program facilitated by our nonprofit arm, RISE Society. Teens are matched with adult members for either a mentorship for guidance and leadership development, or an internship for professional development opportunities within the adult member’s company.

Connect with us if you have more questions.