RISE Collaborative for the Business Professional

  • When conducting business in local coffee shops has become more troublesome than productive, RISE Collaborative Workspace is the answer.  
  • When telecommuting becomes a silo and collaboration is missing, RISE Collaborative Workspace will be your “office away from home.”  

RISE Collaborative Workspace provides women with a professional venue to conduct business, hold meetings, or rent permanent office space.  

Drop-in Membership Levels:

Shaping our Future Female Leaders

At RISE Collaborative, we recognize that successful women start as successful young women.  That’s why our mission is also to provide a positive environment where high school girls can do homework, have positive peer-to-peer relationships, and get first-hand guidance from successful female mentors. Imagine how game changing it would be for high school girls if everywhere they looked, they saw successful, professional women.

As a community, we can shape our future female leaders.