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Ever wonder what you’ll do after you’ve achieved everything you ever imagined?

Come hear modern-day renaissance woman and wildly successful Silicon Valley executive share stories of her journey from the boardroom to her very own vineyard.

Sharon Kazan-Harris, an MIT grad who was instrumental in the start-up of a billion dollar search engine, is masterful when it comes to seizing opportunities. Not only will Kazan-Harris share leadership insights from her time in Silicon Valley but will also tell you why you should never pass on the wine list.

Private Event for Top Women Leaders of St. Louis at RISE Collaborative Workspace hosted by Stacy Taubman, Jill Farmer, and Beth Chesterton with special help from Lori Miller and Rebecca Schulz.

Join us for an exclusive invite only RISE Women Senior Leadership Program designed to:

  • Provide leaders with the opportunity to connect with peers with no distractions
  • Bring national level programming to local leaders
  • Connect you to peers in meaningful and productive ways
  • Leave you refreshed, re-energized and ready to move mountains
Private Event for Top Women Leaders
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