Prospective Member Policy

In responding to applications from prospective members of RISE Collaborative Workspace (RISE), RISE considers several factors:

1.  The prospective member’s fit with the existing membership base in terms of enhancing the value of the community for all members and in avoiding situations of direct competition with existing members.

2.  The suitability of RISE for the particular type of business

a) RISE does not serve businesses in the weapons, gambling, drugs, or pornography–related trades

3. In instances of private office membership applicants are reviewed on:

a) Industry diversity

b) The viability of the business and the prospective member’s likely ability to pay our fees over time.

c) The suitability of RISE’s space for the particular type of business and industry exclusivity.

i. RISE is not set up to serve businesses requiring an office that is intended to serve the general public (e.g., retail outlets, doctor’s offices, food service, etc.)

ii. We are also not optimized to serve businesses with very high employee turnover (e.g. call centers and phone sales operations).

iii. Network marketing, multi-level marketing, and those who intend to solicit business to other members are not a good fit.

iv. RISE does not serve businesses in the weapons, gambling or pornography–related trades.

As part of its review, RISE may choose to evaluate:

  • The applicant’s integrity, stated values, background and reputation
  • Testimonials from personal references provided by the applicant
  • Social media activity
  • The financial backers of the business
  • The economic viability of the business

RISE will accept no responsibility, however, for maintaining the confidentiality of any information shared with it by a prospective member, except as provided for by law.