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What if ONE conversation could pivot the direction of your business forever, attracting hundreds of clients ready to buy from you?

Imagine if you had…

...the clarity of your message connecting so well that the right people show up for you at the right time.
...the confidence to share what you do with the world without hesitation. ...conversations that convert, turning your business into a flawless selling machine.

All of this is possible!

This three-part workshop will guide you through the exact steps you need to finally create the perfect sales message and to step out of fear to embrace sales conversations with confidence and clarity.

The goal of The Sales + Message Mastery Workshop Series: Convert customers with something you SAID, setting yourself apart by your message. Speak THEIR LANGUAGE so they will understand your value!

All just with your message...so you can get the attention of your perfect clients.

Join us for a three-part LIVE workshop series at RISE Collaborative St. Louis.

What can you expect from this workshop series?

  • Clarity around your unique sales message

  • Confidence in having a sales conversation

  • The ability to have a quick and simple elevator pitch that leaves an impact

  • A message that will attract perfect clients, so you can sell more effortlessly

  • A deeper understanding of your clients

  • An understanding of how neuromarketing will assist you in gaining better connection with your clients

  • Creation of offers that will convert so that your business can flourish

  • An ability to create a messaging matrix to have with you at all times, showing you how to construct a headline, an offer, and a sales pitch

  • A better understanding of your perfect client

Who is this workshop NOT for?

  • Those who want an easy button. Sorry, this workshop does require some work.

  • Those who want all of their copywriting created. Although this workshop will help you identify your core messaging and sales conversations, this workshop is not a full copywriting workshop. It will however, set the foundation for you to use in your overall copywriting strategies.

  • Those who have not identified their product or service. This workshop can help you in understanding a deeper connection with clients and with yourself, it will not, however, help you identify products or services, only how to communicate existing products and services.

Workshop #1: January 29 from 9:30-11:30 AM = The foundations, types of messages, and all about you!

Workshop #2: February 12 from 9:30-11:30 AM = Finding the right pieces and how to create messages.

Workshop #3: February 26 from 9:30-11:30 AM = Putting all the pieces together and constructing the perfect sales message + Messaging SPOTLIGHT & Conclusion celebration luncheon

RISE Member Price: $197
Non-Member Price: $247

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Meet the Presenter:
Heather Crider is the founder of Heather J. Crider & Company, which consults businesses and business owners on marketing growth and business growth strategies to succeed in today’s ever-changing digital world. Additionally, she operates Digital Architect Media, which is a company specializing in sales and marketing strategies and digital marketing growth campaigns. She is a Google Certified Partner as well as a Master Business Strategist.

Heather specializes in helping business owners break through their own inner games to master the art of the sales conversation. One of her main passions and hobbies is the dedication to and study of neuroscience and how the relationship with our own brain helps us achieve success in business and our personal lives.

Heather is no stranger to the trials and tribulations it takes to run a successful business. Her early lessons in business - and failures - have carried with her throughout her life. Heather has founded and grown four successful companies in the financial and marketing industries. As part of Heather’s passion for growth and development, she has been trained and certified in numerous personal development, leadership, mindfulness, marketing and transformational programs.